Temperature Information pages

Below is an example of the Temperature information screen of my
HTML Coop Control page.
Temperature and the coop chart
I have two sensors. A DHT22 and a Texas Instrument
HDC1000EVM. Please do not be misled by the labels on
the chart. The “nest” sensor is not yet under the nest.

I intend on placing sensors under the nest boxes to see
the effect on temperature when a hen is on the nest and
to see if one is being broody.

The Coop Computer’s cron program runs programs every
5 minutes and updates the database with the current
temperature. I have a python program that runs on a
timer on the main computer and draws a line chart as a
JEPG image which the Coop Control pages link to.

My codeĀ for the modules is on the module pages

Also see my blog at Element 14
or the road test on the device

Also check out my charting code

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