Making The Coop

I used the Sketch-Up program to design the coop and create the measurements.
The original drawings and the final coop differ some as the project has since evolved.
Remember Never Stop Evolving.
The nesting boxes on the sides were constructed as stand-alone items and mated to the central barn shaped coop.

making the coop

It was decided that two roosts and four nest boxes would be fine.
Were it to be redesigned, the nest boxes would be much smaller
as the chickens prefer to be more confined in the nest.
The siding is T1-11 press board and the tops are plywood.
The coop floor is 1/2 inch grid welded wire mesh to allow ventilation.
The barn shaped roof was made to be lifted off but is heavy and awkward
so it is recommended to fasten it down once the coop is placed.
The four main legs of the nest boxes are 2X4 notched to receive the 2X2 braces of the barn coop.
The coop is probably over built but I prefer solid and sturdy when building.
The barnroof is shingled with hand split cedar shingles from our own trees.

The coop was built and placed on site in 2013.

Here it is today

written by Doug Wyman

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