What started Coop Control

In 1962 I was recruited from the U.S. Army by NSA. My introduction to computers was at JSPC Okinawa
jspc to coop control

Those few years instilled in me (or infected me with) a desire to know as much as possible about my surroundings.
Monitoring my surroundings has become an obsession.  When I finally retired to Tiger Mountain and we got some chickens.
Monitoring the chickens and keeping them safe from predators became a satisfying and stimulating obsession.
Once out of government I was free to look at the open source systems and began to learn about the Debian OS, PHP Python and such.
This evolved into Coop control. What you find on these pages may not be the best or cleanest code but it works.
I am fulfilling our family motto.

Keep on Learning.  Keep on Evolving.

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